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Stanthorpe Wineries & Attractions

Here are some places we can visit on tour and other ideas for your stay in Stanthorpe.


The main attraction on a wine tour is of course, the wineries.

The wineries we visit depends on the specific group’s wine style preferences, any particular winery requests, and what other attractions you’d like to visit on your trip. Please note that some cellar doors are too small to cater for group tours, so feel free to bring a wish list however your itinerary may be up to the discretion of the driver.

Winery List

These are the wineries we are able to visit in order from Cottonvale in the North to the Girraween area in the South.

Other Stanthorpe Attractions

Who doesn’t love a bit of cheese, olives, and tasty relishes with crackers with their wine? Our most loved wine tours include a stop or three at some of the other Stanthorpe attractions:

Accommodation Affiliations

Some of our Favourite Restaurants

Open for dinner:

Open for lunch (not all are open daily):

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